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Elevating property renovations to a new level, it’s not a super power it’s simply the result of our pursuit of excellence, insightful design, and meticulous execution. A transformation we like to think of it as The Magnolia Touch.

We believe that hospitality extends beyond the front desk through the consideration of every detail. Our experiences has shown that with a commitment to the guest and an understanding of the brand every property has the potential to distinctly deliver a positive experience which is why we are committed to the pursuit of excellence at every level.


With over thirty years experience in every aspect of the hospitality business we understand the importance of renovation. Our portfolio includes some of the most widely-recognized brands in the industry. Our long-lasting relationships are a testament to our successful management of all phases of the process.


Each renovation is planned with extreme care and attention to detail. Our focus is on the needs of our guests and the expectations associated with the brand. We work to deliver renovations that excite the community and give customers a renewed sense of value and satisfaction with every stay.


Our ability to deliver on both short and long-term investments have driven our success and allowed us to establish a leadership position in the hospitality industry. We believe that focusing on the guest delivers bottom line results. We always look to deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget.

Hotel Lawrence Transformed to the Downtown Dallas La Quinta